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XYG Bi-metallic composite pipe

The company has independently developed 15 sets of micro-computer controlled units, 30 automatic bi-metallic composite pipe production lines and production equipment for supporting pipe fittings, whic...


Revolutionized program of pipeline corrosion of petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, water purification and other chemical industries
Huayang brand composite tube lined with corrosion-resistant alloy uses spinning hatched composite technology. Spin, hatch and compound mechanical properties of two different metallic materials. This product scientifically use the outer based tube wall thickness to bear the working pressure of the pipeline system and line with corrosion-resistant alloy tube to bear the corrosion of pipeline system requirements. Under the premise of ensuring the structural integrity of the existing pipeline design, the products line with a layer of reasonable thickness of corrosion-resistant materials on old pipe not usable with a lot of pitting corrosion by this process. It will not only meet the use requirements of the pipeline, but also extend the life of the pipeline. It avoids waste of resources, reduces operating costs, and improves the use of aging and economic. It’s also the more economic and safe of solution pipeline anti-corrosion of oil, chemical and other industries at present.
The company has independently developed 15 sets of micro-computer controlled units, 30 automatic bi-metallic composite pipe production lines and production equipment for supporting pipe fittings, which can product bi-metallic composite pipes of DN15~DN800 specification with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons. Adhering to advanced leading technology and rich experience, the company implements the IS09001—2008 quality certification system with quality as its core, strengthening quality management, technology development and scientific research capacity so as to provide high-quality products to the consumers.


Corrosion-resistant alloy lined tube
As alloy lined tube which is responsible for the corrosion-resistant of composite tube, usually use a strip or steel sheet to roll and online TIG weld. Production line is equipped with online eddy current flaw detector which can 100% real-time monitor the quality of weld.
The company configures automatic pipe production line which manufactures straight weld corrosion resistant alloy lined tube by rolling process of steel belt and line connection. Nominal diameter range is Ф15-Φ406, wall thickness range is 0.5-3mm, and length can be any value.
The company configures the automatic longitudinal seam welding unit and ring welding automatic welding unit which manufactures circumferential weld corrosion resistant alloy lined tube by direct rolling process of steel belt. Nominal diameter range is Ф203-Ф720, wall thickness range is 0.8-3mm, the maximum connection length ≤ 12m.

▲The stainless steel automatic straight seam welding machine unit

▲The stainless steel automatic straight seam welding machine unit


Welding Technology
The bimetallic composite pipe connections are usually welded connection. By scale on-site construction, we have developed a standard welding construction technology which can ensure the reliability and safety of bimetallic composite pipe welded connection.


◆Enlargement of welding

Numerical simulation of stress field distribution of composite tube welding

◆The site welding construction of composite tubeRange of applications

 1.Energy and environmental industries

   Water wall tube network, overheat tube network, Re-heat tube network

   Collecting tube network, the main steam tube network

   Chemical water tube network, Condensing steam tube network, Desalination tube network

2.Food and pharmaceutical industry

   Pure media pipeline network

   Sewage pipe network

3.The refining industry

   Catalytic and cracking tube network, Hydrogenation desulfurization tube network

   Desalinated water pipeline network, Sewage pipe network

4.The chemical industry

   Heat exchanger tube network, Heater pipe network

   Sewage pipe network, Media pipeline network

   Wind and smoke exhausting pipe network

Perfect quality assurance
The company can assure you high quality raw materials by choosing excellent suppliers, and re-inspect in factory strictly according with the API and the specifications of pressure piping components to ensure the performance of the raw materials to meet the quality requirements

Strictly control of products
In order to ensure the accuracy of the assembly of the composite process and improve composite quality, sandblast the inner surface of external based tube to remove the excess dirt, rust and other impurities of inside surface.

Ensure the traceability of the product
Code mark on the outer surface of the lined tube and finished composite pipe to ensure the traceability of product quality.

Non-destructive test of special requirements
In regard to finished composite pipe closure welding required by customer, coloring detection of pipe ends one by one to ensure its reliability.


Product series
Range of applications
Material matching
Based tube
Lined tube
Pipeline Series
Ground high-pressure transportation pipeline network
16Mn Q235
401S 304 304L
316L SAF2205
Copper alloy
Oil-well pipe series
Underground oil tube, casing tube, water-injecting tube, gas-injecting transportation pipelines
J55 N80
Municipal sewage, civil construction series
Sewage pipelines
Civil water supply pipeline
20# Q215A.B
304          304L
305          316L
Purple copper
Power series
Desulfurization, desalination, sewage outfall tube
20# 20G Q235
321 316L etc.

1, Bimetallic composite pipe diameter range: φ20~φ720mm, length ≤12m
2, Thickness of outer based tube and inner lined tube can be random matched based on the use of customer requirements, specific circumstance is according to the contract execution.
3, According to the corrosive environment and job requirements, achieve different combinations of the outer based tube and inner lined tube.

Manufacturing process

Bimetallic composite pipe identifying methods

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